Welcome at the site of It Bûterhûs!

You can stay in our completely renovated national monument anno 1633. Three unique apartments have been created inside the building. It’s a combination of old and new. The apartment’s authentic parts have been preserved. The rooms have been decorated in a simple way, using natural materials only. This ensures a nice atmosphere and a good balance between material, color and design.

The name It Bûterhûs (literally: the butter house) was chosen because of the historical use of this building. The village of Balk became what it is today because of the trade of butter. Balk is a Frisian village located along a channel called the ‘Luts’ and is known for being part of the famous ‘elfstedentocht’ (11 cities ice skating route). Its a lively village offering many activities and recreational possibilities. Balk has everything to ensure you a nice stay: water, forests and a beautiful landscape.

You can enjoy having a delicious cup of coffee, thee or something else with us.

For more information, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@buterhus.nl or by calling +31 612865018.